We Three is comprised of 3 generations of women coming together to serve Christ.

Shirley Perry is a writer and artist who loves spending time with her family and friends.  Some of her favorite memories are written in the small town of Red River where she and her family still vacation yearly.  She is married to an ornery young at heart man who is all cowboy.  They raised 3 children and have 5 grandchildren and several great grandchildren together.  She enjoys quiet days full of writing and art along with pursuing stories with her daughter and granddaughter.  She has built a legacy that is honorable, courageous, and Christ seeking.

Cindy Jester is an artist who loves to create through drawing and writing.  She has a heart that longs to serve people.  You can always find her pouring into others and she always has an ear ready and eager to listen.  She is married to a retired police man and they have raised 2 children together and have several grandchildren that keep them very busy.  Cindy is a mover and often fills every minute of every day striving to serve God and to glorify the Kingdom.

Stacy Ferguson is a teacher and artist who loves spending time getting lost in a painting or researching and studying scripture.  She is married to an ornery young guy and they have 4 pugs that make up their grumble.  She spends her days teaching art and coaching soccer and her Thursday nights alongside her husband teaching Bible and art.  She longs for nothing more than to live each moment for Christ and to make disciples that chase after Him.