Whose Armor are you wearing?

There is an incredible story I’m sure you know so well; the story where a shepherd boy faces a giant:

1 Samuel 17

King Saul and the Israelite’s made camp in the Valley of Elah where they stayed on one side of the valley on the hill and the Philistines camped on the opposite side of the valley on that hill.  The lines were drawn and a champion, a scary deep toned giant Philistine, comes forward every day for forty days challenging Israel.  He wants just one of Saul’s men to step forward and fight him to the death and whoever wins, wins for their nation and the loser would be the winning nation’s subjects.  No man had the courage to face him, not a single warrior from Israel.  They listened to his challenge and hoped against hope someone other than themselves would come forward to put their life on the line. Not one of the soldiers had enough courage to try.

Jesse’s sons are there, part of the warriors camped on the hill, and he sends his youngest, David, to check on them.  David gets there and hears the challenge the terrifying Philistine yells.  He begins to question the situation and word gets back to King Saul of what David has said so he sends for David.

David has now been summoned into the King’s presence and he makes his case that he is not just a young inexperienced shepherd boy who doesn’t know how to fight!  No! He serves God and God has saved him from not only the paw of a bear but the paw of a lion and through those battles God trained his young heart how to fight like a warrior, how to be brave and bold in God’s victory and power.

The man who should be stepping up, the man who is experienced in battle, the leader and king of Israel gives David his blessing to go and fight the Philistine.  Saul, a warrior, a manly man, who is a head taller than other men, takes his armor and places it on David, a young man not yet fully grown into his feet or his chest.  I have to think Saul truly had good intentions in this moment to take care of the only brave man standing on Israel’s side, the only one who is willing to face this dangerous threat to Israel.  He wanted David to walk into battle with the best armor available, his armor, because he wanted victory for David, victory for Israel, victory for himself.

Here’s where it gets really good:

This skinny lanky shepherd boy respectfully allows the king to place the armor on him and then he tries to walk around in them; but he couldn’t walk right.  The armor did not fit him.  This young man then does the unthinkable, he turns to the king of Israel in verse 39, “”I cannot go in these,” he said to Saul, “because I am not used to them.”  So he took them off.”  He then stands on the armor God had given him, his God identity, a staff, 5 smooth stones in a pouch, and his sling and he goes out to face the giant knowing and trusting that God is with him and that God will fight for him.

He finds victory that day in the armor God designed just for him.

Every day we face the unknown, we face challenges and giants, we face joys and fears, and we face choices.  Sometimes the choices aren’t so easy and life gets confusing.  Every morning we get up and we step into our armor.  We step out into battle.  You know God has designed you with a purpose and has armor that fits only you!  He has wired you in His image and given you an identity in Him!  You are not an accident and the King of Kings has armor that fits you perfectly.  This world is going to offer all different types of armor some will fit a bit, others not at all, and still others might fit for a time but you may grow out of them.  We have to stay close to God, like David who knew God was with him always, and allow Him to put the armor onto us that fits just perfect.  We have to be brave enough to hold tightly to Him and allow His voice to be the only one that matters, the only one we listen to, the only one we allow influence over what armor we wear.

We have a job to do in this world! We have to stand up and run, chasing Jesus, and allow Him to grow us and build us into the warriors He has for us to be.  Our identity should be founded solely in who He says we are!  Let’s take off the armor that doesn’t fit and allow Him the control to place the right armor on us that will allow us to go and love like Christ!



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