God, a cup of coffee and me

At our Bible study, (The Box) my granddaughter gave out the numbers on the amount of time that the average person spends in the presence of God. It is staggering and I’ll let her pass that information on to you in a later blog. So many of you have a set time to spend with God; I admire that. Me, I grab a moment here and there, always planning to do better. Yesterday, was the perfect day. My husband, Gene, had taken the car to the garage to get it fixed, so I knew that I would have some quiet time to spend with God. I grabbed my Bible, my cup of coffee and went outside to sit in my porch swing and enjoy the view that God had placed there. I said the Lord’s Prayer and read some of the Psalm’s. I was giving Him praise, thanking Him for this beautiful day, and sipping my coffee when my phone rang. Yes, I had to look to see if it might be Gene calling. Instead, it was Richard, our son in Ohio, long distance, I had to take the call. We spent time catching up on what was going on with all the family when our call was interrupted, it was Gene. I hung up from Richard and took the call. “I’ve been trying to call you and when I couldn’t reach you, I called Cindy,” (our daughter), he said. “Sorry, I was on the phone with Richard and this is the first call that came through.” I got him the information that he needed and hung up. I was dialing Cindy when I heard a knock on the door. Sure enough, it was Cindy. “Dad called me; he couldn’t get a hold of you and he was worried.” “Sorry, I just got off of the phone and was going to call you.”

Cindy stayed and finished the window project that we had been working on. Then she left and told me she would be back in an hour to pick me up to go and look at a house. Ten minutes later, Gene pulled up with the garage man who took the car back. Since Gene had not eaten, I fixed him his favorite breakfast. I straightened the kitchen, put in some laundry and by that time it was time to go.

Cindy and I met with our friends, Donna and Murry, who had offered a fantastic deal to jump start the flipping of houses. By the time we got home, it was time to fix another meal.

Sound familiar? Life happens. My time with God was cut short and I know that He is anxiously waiting for me to call again, just as I was for my son’s call. I also know that He is with me always. I can talk to Him at any time, I don’t need an appointment. I can talk to Him in the shower, while making a bed, on the way to work, or when I retire for the night.

“So, I thank you God for spending this time with me while I am writing this blog. I ask You to bless the ones reading it and their families. I ask that we always feel Your presence. Amen.”

“These things I have spoken unto you, that in Me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation; but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

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