Have you been called?

Hesitation hit me when Cindy, my daughter, and Stacy, my grand daughter, informed me that they were taking me to the She Speaks Conference.  Before I could object, they informed me that the guys would look out for Gene, my husband.  “You’re reading my mind,” I thought.  Gene and I are always together and now that he has some health issues, he needs me more than ever.  Then there is the issue of my health.  I’m  not fully recovered from my surgeries, I tire easily.  The conference means flying, which I hate, long hours and full days of sitting, listening, etc.  The wheels in my head kept turning with excuses.

” I saw this last year,” said Stacy, “and I knew I was called to go.  This is going to help me with my speaking.  And it will help us in the direction of learning how to get our books published.”

Over a year ago, we started writing a series of books together.  The ideas keep flowing; as fast as we let one go, another one pops up.  They are endless and we are overwhelmed.  We have a strong spiritual and family bond.  We Three is the author of the books along with the name of the writer.

Fast Forward, I feel inadequate.  Cindy just got commissioned into the Steven Ministry, Stacy teaches a Bible study; they read and research the Word.  I’m that kid that got a comic book bible from her grandmother and loved it.  I’m that kid that prayed to God and asked him to make movies about the stories in the bible because that would be much more interesting than just reading the words.  (Yes, I’m that old.)

Anyway, Stacy sets us up a website and a blog to help us.  She does an excellent blog and then it’s my turn.  I prayed, wrote it, printed it out and showed it to the girls to critique.  Wow, did I ruffle some feathers.  They knew we would take all kinds of hits, good and bad, and they couldn’t stand the thought of anyone talking bad to their mom and grammy.  “Okay, I will put it on the shelf and think about it.”

“If you are suppose to post it, then do it,” they said.

However, I am not suppose to post it.  Some of it is being taken care of already.  What that blog did for me was to break away my feelings of being inadequate in the spiritual realm.  We discussed it and discussed how we each felt.  We talked about our strengths and our weaknesses and what holds our group together.  God knows what he is doing.  I have been exercising and gaining strength.  I have been called to this conference and it will do for me what is intended.  He calls us at all ages.  We are not through until we have finished.

“Why are ye so fearful? how is it that ye have no faith?”  Mark 4:40

Shirley Perry

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  1. Well Ms. Shirley — I met you, your daughter, and granddaughter at the conference and found “We Three” quite lovely and inspiring. My daughter and I attended for the first time and were particularly blessed to see the several pairings of mother/daughters seeking the Lord’s guidance in their lives — but the finding of three generations of living/loving/contributing women was a special treat. Whatever your un-posted blog was — I know God will work it out.

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